Total Theater

Twenty-five years ago, I attended a drama school and came quite close to becoming an actor. Although I made a different life choice, that experience significantly influenced my personality. Since then, the theater has been more than just a place to watch a play; it’s a community of diverse individuals, each harboring numerous hidden internal processes.

In 2023, I embarked on a project-investigation, returning to the theater environment, this time as an external observer. I aimed to reevaluate my experiences and memories. This project was captured at the small experimental theater «Total Theater» in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Within every person, numerous personas coexist: how they see themselves, how they aspire to be, and how others perceive them. For actors, there are additional layers of their roles. The moment when an actor has completed their role on the stage but has not fully reverted to their authentic self can also be a distinct state of being.

Theatre is a multi-layered image, akin to the stratified evening mist over a river. From the mist emerge contours of objects and people, yet one cannot be certain about what is seen in each moment – the person themselves or one of roles. To convey these «layers» in the life of the theater, I used multiple exposures. It represents a deeply personal perception on the theater.